Today we will get to know about Gabreila who is a fashion designer. She is the owner of the shop called ” Chic le belle” in ShopSpot; a beautiful woman living in Bangkok with an inspiration of fashion and loving photography.

“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way. ” – Gabi

A beautiful girl love taking photo.

Let’s get to know more!

Tell us about yourself? 

Gabi : I’m Gabriela or Gabi for friends and family. I’m based in Italy but currently I’m staying in Bangkok for several months. I was on holiday here one year ago and liked it so much that I decided to come back for a longer time and discover more about Thai culture, fashion and food.

What is your hobby?

Gabi : I love travelling, reading and cooking

She love to travel around the world.

What do you do ?

Gabi : I’m now almost fully focused on my brand and occasionally work as a free-lance. I also started a blog ( after my arrival in Bangkok since my impressions from here are so many and intense that I needed to share them with the world.

The story of brand

How come you start this brand?

Gabi : It all started one and a half year ago after many friends and colleagues were asking me where do I get the clothes that I wear. They were made by my mom, who is the mind behind the clothing line, so I decided to try selling them and the feedback was very positive.

A dress with a unique style.

At that time I had a full time job in the fashion industry but six months ago ( and after my visit to Thailand ) I decided that the time has come to start my own adventure and concentrate on the development of our line. I also expanded the range of our products by adding fashion jewelry and inspirational t-shirts.

Why did you choose to sell this?

Gabi : We wanted to create wearable and chic pieces with a timeless design and modern details.

timeless fashion.

What is the strength of your products??

Gabi : Our pieces are comfortable, versatile and available in very limited quantity (so probably you will never see anyone else wearing the same dress as yours ). Everything is handmade and we personally handpick the finest fabrics and materials available on the market. Whenever possible we use natural fibers such as silk, cotton and linen for the most luxurious feel.


What do you learn from creating your own brand?

Gabi : That it is important to adjust to the demand of the market. We always ask our customers for feedback so that we can improve and meet their needs.

Talk about ShopSpot

How do you know ‘ShopSpot’?

Gabi : Thanks to Instagram and the accound of Cheese Magazine that I follow.


What do you like about ‘ShopSpot’?

Gabi : It is very user friendly, well organized and allows you to reach many people. That’s why I decided to sell through this application.

What is the success from using ‘ShopSpot’?

Gabi : I have reached many local customers and I’m very satisfied with the results.


Are there any problems using ‘ShopSpot’? – if yes please describe?

Gabi : The only problem is that I should learn to speak Thai if I don’t want to lose sales. It has happened that customers are interested in my products but after I tell them that I don’t speak Thai I never hear from them again. But this is definitely not a problem of the app.

Do you have any suggestion that we can help you to be more convenient?

Gabi : No, you are perfect.

Blue goodies

Fashion is an international language that connects people around the world. We are so delighted to know that ShopSpot is a part of Chic le belle success story. We hope that our app can continue supporting the brand to achieve their goal in the future.

Don’t forget to check out Gabi’s blog here and follow her shop in ShopSpot.


IG : @chiclebelle
ShopSpot : Chic le belle


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